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Don’t quit using compact cassette tapes for computer data storage

Options available for PCs

Oona Räisänen’s app

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A different video
Oona Räisänen’s web site
Worldwide Network of Active CTAPE Users’ Website, this web site is a forerunner of the Cassette Tape Storage Council
CTAPE featured at Ubuntu Peronista

Dave Beazley’s app

Using Python to Encode Cassette Recordings for my Superboard II
Decoding Superboard II Cassette Audio Using Python 3, Two Generators, and a Deque

Jordan Lord’s app

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Jordan Lord’s web site

Mike Kohn’s app

Tape Data Recorder

Dust Hill Guy’s app

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Collin Oswalt’s app

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An implementation in Forth for DOS

Link 1, Link2
Data Files on Tape - A Modern Attempt

The IBM PC 5150 and the IBM PCjr

Reading IBM PC and PCjr Cassette Waveforms
A video

Kamal Mostafa’s app

Kamal Mostafa’s web site
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Video 2
Video 3

The Acting Chairman of the Cassette Tape Storage Council uses Kemal Mostafa’s application. This is the page our Council devotes to Mostafa’s piece of software. Mostafa’s application is a modem simulator, but has proven to be the most robust solution for recording files to tape.