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The website is hosted in the supercomputer of the Super Dimension Fortress, which runs the NetBSD operating system.


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December 15, 2016

I'm shutting down this web site. I will leave aside CTAPE for a while. I am no longer an active user of CTAPE. Since I am and have always been the only member of the Worldwide Netword of Active CTAPE Users, the Network itself ceases to exist. Or perhaps it is in an intermezzo, one whose end is not on sight.

I've used CTAPE with Linux and, sigh, Windows, I used type I and type II tapes, I used many tape decks, and the results were always modest.

With type II tapes over 60 minutes the files survived only for a few minutes. Twenty minutes after recording them, those files simply refused to load back.

With type I tapes over 60 minutes I could never load back a file.

With type II tapes of less than 60 minutes, after joggling a lot with the tone knob, the files could be loaded back from the tape. However, the longest a file could survive was eighteen months, or exactly one year and a half.

One year and a half for storing computer files, even if they are just a few hundred KBs long, is not worth it. That can hardly be deemed storage. Think of the Sumerian tablets to understand what I mean. But seriously, many of my ZX Spectrum tapes back in the 80s survived for at least four years. I say at least simply because by 1990 or so I just quit using the Spectrum as I was adopting the DOS PC trend.

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