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IRSSI: Recomand acest client IRC pentru Linux

The Feral Boy’s web page

An excellent trivia bot written in Python

Our version of the IRC trivia bot

Oragono: An excellent IRC daemon and server for Linux

Tilde Club, part of the Tildeverse

Super Dimension Fortress

A long time user of SDF, karamoon, is trying to raise 95,0000 pounds to slow and possibly defeat his cancer

Awesome modem simulator for Linux (works great with tapes)



The Cassette Tape Storage Council

Zeptar’s Web Site (One)

Zeptar’s Web Site (Two)

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Vintage Computers

Great rant about hosting your own e-mail server

ELP personal page

Journey of Mankind

CTAPE web site


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Snowdusk’s Web Site

Why I Have Nothing to Hide Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance

Crunch Bang Plus Plus

Epic script to hot select sound card from CLI

Lisp tutorial

Wikipedia in Occitan

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BTV News in Gascon

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Super User

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Ahnentafel to Gedcom


Las fotos de Alfredo

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Dicţionar Explicativ al Limbii Române

I produce The Gascony Show, which can be heard online here, but about ten years ago or so someone else produced a show called The Gascony Show, which believe it or not, had Michael Jackson as a guest! Check that link

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