Learn Spanish in person in Valencia, Spain, or online anywhere

Spanish for foreigners face-to-face in Valencia

Welcome to my web site! I offer private tutoring to foreigners. I’ve been teaching Spanish for foreigners for over twenty years now.

I cater the area of Valencia, Spain. If you’re interested, e-mail me at: spanishteacher@firemail.cc, WhatsApp me at 0034 634695825, or contact me through this off-line form.

Spanish for foreigners online anywhwere in the world

I teach online using Skype, IRC and an image viewer app. You can sign up from everywhere in the whole wide world. Email me, WhatsApp me, Skype me or join my IRC chat room for more info. My Skype account is gasconheart.

Join my chat room also using this web interface on a different window. Don’t forget to type a nickname.


This section was updated in September of 2021. Please don’t take the info here as binding. Please ask first instead.

1 hour, online: €14

1 hour, my place: €17

1 hour, somewhere else: €22

This applies to individual, one-person, lessons. For groups: ask.

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