The Gascony Show

I produce the Gascony Show. Or rather, I produce a Gascony Show. There was a different Gascony Show back in the day, hosted by John Slattery. My show does not have anything to do with his. It is a coincidence that we share names. John Slattery once interviewed a person named “Michael Jackson” for his show. It was not the late American singer, but a namesake. I take advantage of all that and say on my show, “The Gascony Show, a show that once interviewed Michael Jackson”. Never do I try to imply that John Slattery’s show and mine are the same in any sense, or even less, that I interviewed the famous American singer. Actually, usually I add, “it is not a joke, rather a riddle, go Google that”. I hope this all suffices as a disclaimer.

I do my recordings on old PCs, running Linux and using the Sox application. I use a cheap, white plastic, microphone I bought at a second hand shop for €1. I don’t need more. Find the recordings at my chats web site. Also on that page, find a link to an audio stream where I play my recordings in random order.

The Gascony Show, my show, is extremely amateur-ish. I don’t give a damn. I am not a professional radio broadcaster. I just like to grab a mic and record myself. Or I would take my hand-held tape recorder and do segments from the street or the beach. I don’t have a theme, although there are some recurrent topics and segments. It does not have a rigid schedule, I just record and post whenever I feel like it.

The Gascony Show features segments in English, most of the times, but also in Romanian and Spanish. Seldom do I record in other languages; there were some segments in Japanese and Italian. As I say in the show, I am the “Jack of all languages and master of none” :)

At some point I will record a segment for the Gascony Show in Gascon! I owe that to my listeners, I promised that long ago.

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July 4th, 2022