Come play poker with gasconheart

Reposted. First posted on Dec, 14, 2019 on my personal page at

Hello! My name is gasconheart. I play poker online using this App, PokerTH. It is not an online casino, you never bet real money there. Some would prefer to call it a poker simulator. People play for fun and honor there. Create an account, download the App and let’s play. The App is free (gratis) and open source. It is available for many platforms. Download it here:

Create an account here:

It would be great if we could use the same nickname there, so we can recognize each other and play at the same tables. My account there is ~gasconheart.

Poker rooms there can be password protected. We can open password protected tables there and share the password among us inside sdf, tilde or grex.

If you’re coming to play, please summon me! Use the IRC channels:

you may try party at ssh, or com at ssh as I hang out there some times as well.

Be excellent to each other.